Friday, February 25, 2011

The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

I want my tooth back. Last night, I asked my husband if he could take my extracted tooth and push it back into the socket until it pops into place. He said, "I could, but you'd probably want to divorce me after."

I have a draft in my mouth and I lisp when I talk. The dentist said it would be a full month before the extraction site is fully healed. I don't want to talk like a gimp and look like a northwoods nerd for any length of time. I wish I could have just had antibiotics. If that tooth was going to come out in time anyway, as the dentist said (the roots were almost fully resorbed on one side, or so he claimed... they looked fine to me!), I should have just let nature take its course and wrest my tooth from my head when it was time.

I think I have phantom tooth syndrome.

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