Tuesday, February 01, 2011

All the theobromine you can handle

I thought I'd do a roundup of chocolate-related giveaways, seeing as I'm a girl and I like chocolate... Oh yeah, and Valentine's Day is coming up.

Ending February 2, 2011
New Age Mama is giving away an Oliver Kita Studio Collection box of 16 beautifully-designed chocolates.
Mon Cheri has long-stemmed chocolate roses from Bea's Gift Baskets up for grabs!

Ending February 3, 2011
Closer to Lucy is giving away some Chocolate Heart Lollis from Illinois Nut & Candy's Raising the Candy Bar.
Rachel's Reviews and Giveaways has an assortment of Nicobella Organics chocolates up for grabs.

Ending February 4, 2011
Mommy Is Green and she's giving away some Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate bars!
Real Heart Prints is giving away a $25 gift code for Choccreate.

Ending February 5, 2011
Classy Mommy has a huge basket of Dove Chocolate products up for grabs. You can enter this one daily!
Ask Ms Recipe is giving away 3 $12 Choccreate gift codes.
My Milwaukee Mommy is also doing a Choccreate giveaway, except the prize is a $25 gift code.
Lisa Cooking is giving away Veronica's Cake Pops. I decided to include this here because they contain chocolate and that's good enough for me!

Ending February 6, 2011
Heck of a Bunch has one $12 gift code for Choccreate up for grabs!
Momma Told Me is giving away 2 Righteously Raw chocolate bars.

Ending February 7, 2011
Sweet T Makes Three is giving away a 1/3 lb. sampler box of Cowgirl Chocolates.
Thanks, Mail Carrier has some delicious Lindor truffles up for grabs.

Ending February 8, 2011
Closer to Lucy is giving away a $25 gift code for Choccreate.
3 Princes and a Princess 2 is also giving away $25 to Choccreate.
Kidsumers is giving away two Bloomsberry Chocolate bars to each of 5 lucky winners.
My Little Review Corner is also giving away Bloomsberry Chocolate.
MamaBuzz is giving away $50 worth of Sarris Candies, which includes chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate fondue!

Ending February 9, 2011
Blessings Abound Mommy is giving away Hershey's Miniatures.
Tammy's Two Cents is giving away a box of Swiss Colony chocolates.

Ending February 10, 2011
Smart Girl Reviews has some Cowgirl Chocolates for you to win.

Ending February 11, 2011
Two Classy Chics is giving away a box of chocolates from The Chocolate Nation!
New Age Mama is giving away some delicious-looking Terra Source Vegan Chocolates. One 2 Try is giving away the same thing on her blog.

More to come......

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