Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Coffee paraphernalia

A few coffee mugs I like...

Face Mug from UncommonGoods

Tank Up Coffee Mug from Perpetual Kid (talk about coffee level critical!)

Morning Mug by Damian O'Sullivan

Duct Tape Mug from

Giant Tea Coffee Cups from (also available in Enormous)


Mal said...

ooh, that face mug is so cool! I love that there's a snack compartment, it's genuis

Yona Williams said...

I've been seeing the unCommon Goods mug around, but shown with chocolate chip cookies.

I just saw this one coffee cup that I really like. It shows Henry VIII's wives disappearing when you pour in the coffee.

This coffee mug describes me perfectly because I am constantly walking my dog in heels and dresses.