Thursday, March 03, 2011

Why, helloooo Daarling

I found these shoes at and I'm having a bit of a "not sure if want" moment:

They're cute, but I'm at a loss for what to wear them with. I don't own a single pair of shorts, crops, capris, highwaters, floods, or otherwise truncated pants, which sort of eliminates, oh, pretty much any outfit I could incorporate these heels into. Also, I hate skinny jeans because they make me look like an ice cream cone. Unfortunately, the black and natural versions of this shoe are very "meh"; not to mention, I already own about 8 million pairs of shoes like that.

They're currently on sale for $29.99, with the code "SALE50" netting you an additional 50% off.


Julie said...

hey Erin! it's Julie from The Daily Julie. You won the Amrita Singh bangle. yay! I hope you love it. Please get your address to me and I'll send it on over to ya.

(details here:

Jill said...

I know why you wouldn't want these shoes --- the only size left is a ten! Blea.

Erin said...

Size ten? No one has feet that big. :-p