Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Good news, everyone!

I had an adjustment this morning and the orthodontist finally gave me a revised estimate of 2-4 months!  As you can imagine, this makes me a happy panda knowing the end is in sight.  To celebrate, I had a hazelnut macchiato and piece of chocolate cinnamon bread from Starbucks (and evidently can't have any more sugar or saturated fat for the rest of the day, but oh well.  They were delicious).

I had to have a double power chain put on this time to help close up my stubborn gap between incisor and premolar, and my teeth haven't yet gotten the message that this is going to hurt, big time.  In case you don't know about doubling up on power chains, they remove the wire, put a power chain on the bare brackets, reinstall the wire, and then put another power chain over that.  If the previous adjustments with a single power chain are any predictor, my teeth will hurt for about a week.  At any rate, the time immediately after the adjustment is good if you're a dieter, since you'll be forced to eat nothing but soft foods (of course, there is the fact that ice cream is soft, and that definitely doesn't help).