Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Isle of Eden loves seals

I know there are 80 bajillion websites out there that have done a review of Isle of Eden's products, but I've found few that mention this company's "Scrubs for a Cause" line.


Baby Harp Seal Love.

I recently received my order from Isle of Eden: an 8 oz. jar of Baby Harp Seal Love. I'm not a fan of vanilla, but this product has a nice, baked goods-type of vanilla scent. The bottom layer smells like butter mints. Overall, the scent is pleasant, and if I liked vanilla, I'd love this product more. Even six hours after a shower, I can still smell the faintest trace of seal scrub. The scrub itself is not particularly abrasive, though I wouldn't use it on my puss. The crystals don't dissolve immediately, and the scrub washes cleanly and completely off my skin. My skin feels noticeably smoother and I didn't even use lotion. The very best thing about Baby Harp Seal Love is that all the proceeds go toward saving these sweet little creatures! It doesn't specify outright, but it looks like Isle of Eden makes a donation to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a non-profit organization whose mission is "to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species."

As many people have commented, Isle of Eden's turnaround time (TAT) is not the greatest. However, I received this handmade product in a little over 2 weeks (12 business days), so I think that's pretty decent. I won an Isle of Eden gift certificate in a blog contest a while ago and decided to use it toward the purchase of 3 more items: the Whipped Bath Frosting in Her Name Was Lola ("Real Italian Blood Orange Oil blended with Creamy Vanillas and Coconut Milk, and a finishing touch of Sweet Orange Oil"), the Bee So Soft Body Creme in Amour d'Coconut ("Fresh-Cracked Coconut blended with French Pastry, Almond Sugars, Exotic Vanilla-Infused Marshmallows and Plush Candied Almond Silk"), and the Gourmet Body Scrub in Pumpkin Moon ("sweet, gently spiced ripe pumpkin, toasted Bourbon vanilla beans, brown sugar, molasses and incandescent golden amber on a comforting bed of vanilla buttercream").

Conclusion: show the baby harp seals some love and buy some Baby Harp Seal Love.

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