Saturday, May 28, 2011

International Delight Breve Crème review and giveaway!

CONTEST ENDED June 5th, 2011 at 3 PM CST
Winners can be found here.

Many thanks to all who entered!

Several weeks ago, the postman left me a coffee cup. I was on the phone when he knocked, so I didn't answer. When I opened the door later, I found a plastic-wrapped paper cup sitting there.

Inside the cup was a handful of items from Vocalpoint, which, according to their website, is "A community of moms who love talking to other people, get energized when they are asked for their opinions, like searching for new knowledge and sharing it with others, [and] enjoy making a difference in people's lives." I meet all those criteria, except the "mom" part. Oops. Anyway, they sent me a coupon for a free pint of International Delight Breve Crème coffee creamer, as well as several 55 cent-off coupons. So, being the benevolent and generous soul I am, I am going to share these with you! Yay!

The Review
First of all, I would like to share my thoughts about this creamer. I used to practically drink flavored creamers straight from the bottle. I started drinking coffee at a young age; I remember bringing a travel mug of coffee (laced with chocolate raspberry creamer) on the bus with me in 5th grade and drinking it in front of the school before class started. This may be why I'm only 5'-almost-5"-tall, but hey, at least I can wear 5" heels and not feel like an Amazon giantess. At any rate, I use turbinado sugar and half and half in my coffee now. I've always liked my coffee hot and strong, like I like my men: hot and strong... with a spoon in them (apologies to Eddie Izzard).

On one of our last grocery shopping trips, I picked up a bottle of the Vanilla Caramel Cream flavor, since I had tried the Dark Chocolate Cream before and had a hard time finishing the bottle. Ever since I stopped using flavored creamers a while ago, it's been tough for me to want to try them again. They have a lot of calories and ingredients that I'd rather not be eating. I thought the Breve Crème line sounded like a good option, as they are made with real milk and cream. Unfortunately, they still have essentially the same nutritional profile as the partially hydrogenated oil-filled creamers; they've got 35 calories per tablespoon and more fat than an equivalent amount of half and half.

The Vanilla Caramel Cream flavor smells like caramel-corn and has a very rich, sweet taste. Although it does have artificial flavors, it doesn't have the same chemical aftertaste that other flavored creamers have. On its own, this creamer is extremely sweet; however, it's a little difficult to taste in coffee. This may be due to my making coffee strong enough to strip the paint off a car; I'm sure if you make coffee the way my husband does, a little splash of this creamer would suffice. I discovered that mixing it with an equal amount of half and half really enhances the caramel flavor, especially when the coffee has been sitting in the pot for a while.

If you enjoy flavored creamers, these would be worth trying. Since I prefer to drink coffee with sugar and half and half, I probably won't be getting another Breve Crème product unless they come out with a new and/or unusual flavor.

International Delight Breve Crème comes in three flavors: Dark Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Caramel Cream, and Hazelnut Cream. If you have a grocery store nearby, chances are they stock these; however, you can check here for availability.

The Giveaway
I have five coupons for 55 cents off any ONE Coffee House Inspirations or International Delight pint (any flavor). That's right, you could get a bottle of Breve Crème or you could get the limited edition Cinnabon flavor. The only limitation is that these coupons are void in dairy states (Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, and North Dakota). Coupons expire 7/31/2011.

One lucky winner will receive THREE of these coupons (you'd better like International Delight!) and a second winner will receive TWO coupons. All other entrants will receive nothing but the knowledge that they probably made me smile by commenting on my blog.

To enter, leave a comment below describing your favorite way to drink coffee.

I'd appreciate a follow via Google Friend Connect, but this isn't necessary to enter.

Contest ends June 5th, 2011 at 3 PM CST.


slb3334 said...

With cream and sugar.

TastyPrawn said...

I like my coffee with sugar, cinnamon, and cream, alongside some breakfast tacos.

Kristen said...

We like coffee with flavored creamer.

kristen_yeh at yahoo dot com

meredith m said...

i usually just have milk in my coffee, but i would love to try the new creamer! thanks for the giveaway!
mermont84 at

Ashley said...

I use sugar and flavored creamer.

hewella1 at gmai dot com

Karla said...

My favorite coffee drink is cafe breve. At home I ususally use splenda and cream
karlatrx AT gmail DOT com

Natalia said...

I like with flavored cream and sugar!
liahec at yahoo dot com

Deb said...

I always use flavored creamer and can't wait to try the Cinnabon!

tnshadylady at

Chandra (Fanatic about Saving) said...

i like my coffee with splenda and a flavored coffee creamer or sometimes just black

Lucy said...

Just black, with sugar/milk or flavored creamer.

esluka said...

I love my coffee hot and in a mug :-) I love the Dark Chocolate Breve creamer and coupons!

1955nurse said...

I LOVE Cafe' Au Lait (New Orleans Style!), but I also love the Breve' Hazelnut Cream, it's yummy! (I, too have to use this as a sort of self-reward because those calories add-up!) Great giveaway - I'm now following you via GFC too!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance....

Yona Williams said...

I love drinking coffee with creamer and sometimes with whipped cream. Email: yona(at)